Saturday, January 23, 2010

Saturday afternoon, lazing by the pool

A few days now into our new life and communication issues have been a huge time suck. We have 21st century American needs: contact (frequent and prolonged) with back home, and each other when we are not together. Therefore we are seeking DSL, cell phones, and the ability to talk to ya’ll without keeping the conversation to 5 minutes.

As we are not in a third world country, we did not foresee the difficulty in getting these things up and going…but alas it has taken up way too much of our waking hours. Hopefully by the end of next week all these issues will be solved and we can move on to the grit of life and working out how to be proper Australians. Or, actually just Americans pretending to be Australians.

Australia Day is Tuesday. It seems evident that the national pastime is drinking, and this holiday of national pride is the grandest of drinking days. A local newspaper has noted that aussies are known for their excessive drinking as America is known for its guns. Hmm. Apparently, one and all take part in the celebration of having a Barbie(not the doll but the gas or charcoal) on the beach with some beers, draped in the flag, as in wearing it like a cape. This is a good thing here, but I think it would get you arrested in the U.S. or at least shunned by all morally high standing individuals. Australia day also reportedly consists of fun sounding activities such as mud crab races, a citizenship ceremony for the entire sunshine coast (thousands of people, it might take awhile), “gone bonkers thong throwing” and “bush poets bash.” Rounding out the day will be other swell festivities such as a skydiving display, a parade, and a junior tug-of-war. We’ll be there so I’ll report back.

Eli was on the deck Thursday and was visited by a 4 foot goanna. This iguana type beast most certainly smelled new humans on the premises; either that or he had previously not ventured this close to the house as our landlords have a dog. We were pleased to incur his interest, as he didn’t actually get close enough to nibble Eli’s toes so that is a good thing.

Melissa is a waterlogged youngster, thinking this having a pool in your backyard situation is about as good as it gets. I have to say it is a handy thing, Tom and I went out for an early morning jog this am and were back here by 7:30 and way sweaty so into the pool we went.

We took trip to Wooly’s the other day, to buy capsicums, sultanas, tomato sauce for the chips, and bickies. We also bought heaps of other food to stock our pantry. There is no such thing as “a lot” here, it is just heaps. works for me. The fruit and vegetable selection is surprisingly similar, but organic seems to be not as common as Arcata, no surprise there. I do like our jug toaster, a great invention. Coffee/espresso places abound, but at home it seems to be tea or instant coffee. Tom’s being a sport about the instant and claims he’s going to try tea but I’m not convinced.
Time for a swim. Back at ya later.


  1. Stephanie and Tom,

    Those are some great dispatches. I read the whole bunch all at once. Now that J.D. Salinger is dead, Steph, you could take up the mantle of enigmatic chronicler of enlightening exploration. But it wouldn't be worth being a recluse.

    Glad to hear that Eli and Melissa are settling in. I'll be anxious to hear how what they think of their new school. The uniforms are sure snappy; and they both look emotionally comfortable in them...that sense of "Hey, I'm lookin' GOOD." (Even if -- or maybe because -- I'm wearing the same thing as my sister/brother.)

  2. As I'm sure you have heard by now it has been raining ever since you left. the uniforms are cute! hope all is going well.