Saturday, January 16, 2010



My grand plan was to post this on Monday, but as some of you know our flight from Arcata was cancelled, so we had to leave 2 hours earlier. A bit of chaos to say the least. We had a make shift party at the airport, Eli garnering the largest number of fans. As Tom put it, this leaving stuff is "buttering his popularity toast"

anyway, into the skies we sailed and then from El-lay to Sydney and on to Brisbane. We packed our rented van chock a block full with our 17 (really) bags.

After delays too boring to mention we arrived here at 6 Wunnunga Crescent, Yaroomba Qld 4573 early evening. It is a fabulous house and we love it. Picture large grins on all Perretts.

so on day one at our new abode we are still working on connection to U.S. issues like internet and phone. We've been in the pool for a dip, to the beach where Eli caught some waves and thinks he's daydreaming that we actually live here, and to the IGA to get groceries.

It is hot, about 85, breezy and humid.
all good........

Coolum High's first day is January 27, following January 26 which is Australia day, which sounds similiar to Columbus Day here. It is also called "invasion day" it marks the anniversary of the brits ariving in Syndey 300 some years ago.

as we this this adventure, we have a range of emotions: excitement, trepidation, panic, sadness, anticipation.......and more. We have been planning for a year and now the day has arrived!

What we will miss: first of course, our incredible friends. the plaza. Fahrenheit measurements. my sewing machine. Los Bagels. ease and convenience. our home. seeing so many friendly faces almost anywhere we go. chai from the frozen yogurt shop.the redwoods. our friends.

what we will gain: a perspective of the world that is not American, ear training for an unfamiliar dialect, a broader understanding of an educational system in another country, an opportunity/requirement that the other 3 people in my family learn to cook,watching out the window for 'roos, new friends,more family time, unforeseen challenges, lots of time to read.

photos coming soon......


  1. Glad to hear you are there safely and settling in.
    It will be fun to follow your blog....Riley was anxious to hear
    the first entry. I am off to work on a saturday
    and the sun is out, which makes it even harder!
    Only half the day though so maybe I will get some pruning
    done this afternoon. Hugs to all, Leslie

  2. Good to hear from you. There was a lot of giggling from Gwyn's room last night as they worked on getting the web-cam up & running. I saw Eli and he looked so serious. I could hear him talking too.

    Have fun settling in. Great to hear from you. I look forward to the blog / facebook updates...

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  4. hey stephanie and family...I am so glad you guys are having fun!!!
    How do you check the blog??? we are looking forward to seeing the
    pictures. How was the flight??? And how is the house,
    beach,school??? Write when you can and send blog address...thanks.
    Andrea and Hannah

  5. love hearing from you. felt strange not having eli around this weekend! glad you are having fun!
    Kim Harris

  6. Steph,
    Keep those dispatches coming. When you send these notes, it would be nice to also have the link to the blog (so we can go straight there).
    We hope you're all having a nice summer!
    Love, Sean and Dian

  7. Hi Stephanie (Tom, Eli, & Melissa)
    The blog is absolutely wonderful. What a stupendous invention. Makes me think back to letters written on flimsy powder-blue fold-up stationary on the other side of the world, sent and not expected to arrive for weeks, if at all. Amazing to hear your voice and see your faces so quickly. Speaking of voices, I think we are Skype-connnected. mobob551. How do we call you?

    Steph, you're a talented writer. The first two entries brought me a laugh-right-out-loud belly laugh (can't wait to hear more about Tues.'s celebration), a couple of guffaws, and two "ooh, cool" (the goanna, thanks for the pic, Eli).

  8. Hey! It's so good to hear from you and to know that you are getting settled and loving the place. I don't know if Melissa told you that we talked with her a few hours before your departure, so we heard that there was a little chaos at the last minute. It was great to hear that you had arrived safely (but what was with the 17 bags -- I thought you were taking clothes and nothing else!?!?) and jumped in the water right away.

    Having moved so many times myself, I can identify with what you must be feeling. It is so unbelievably hard and sad to leave one's friends and familiar surroundings behind, and yet it is so exciting and almost magical to be learning a new place. Enjoy every minute!

  9. So great to read your blog from Oz... I love the details about Austrailia Day :) And how are your two schoolies? I am curious to hear the comparisons about education from their perspectives and if you are encouraged to be involved with school functions or in the classroom...

  10. Hi, and welcome to the southern end of our planet. You get to see the southern cross. So, the big question is, what way do the toilets flush...Gregg

  11. Hi Stephanie: Until I figure out how to respond on your blog, (Tim's out of town!) I'll email you. I know, it's really terrible! Eli looks really "thrilled" with his uniform and Melissa is so so sweet with that big smile. Several times Ian includes Eli in listing how he is hangin with or inviting somewhere, then stops and says "oh, yeah-Eli's not here". The organizer of big groups is gone and they are all reorganizing and things seem so much quieter-but in a way that feels like something is missing and changed. It has been so fun following your blog and I admire your adventure and spirit. Promise I'll figure out how to respond to your blog soon. Tell Eli his gang misses him. Hope he has sent them all emails and tell him Ian is well acquanted with skype. Kim

  12. Hey, Steph!

    Wonderful! Hey, but where's the comment button on this particular post?

    I can't believe the kids...I think it's so neat they are walking to the
    bus together, in matching uniforms to boot. This should strip away any
    of Eli's elitist big brother stuff. He's going to feel the
    sibling-hood like never before, I imagine. Having a sis in unfamiliar
    surroundings probably gives him some weird kind of comfort. : )

    Sultry heat, aaaah...sounds divine right now. I'm about to drive over
    to Susan's...filling in as her walking buddy while you are away! We'll
    miss you!

    Love these posts! XO

  13. Hi guys,

    I finally managed to get onto your blog and read from Jan. 16th until the 26th. Lots of fun to hear ahd see what you're doing. Everything comes through clearly especially your photos. Will look forward to your next adventures in living 'down under' :-)) love, Jean

  14. Stephanie-

    Australia sounds great. I like you blog. Your kids look cute in their uniforms. How was the first day of school? Life is just the same here except for you to call and see. Sara Mathew said the pictures of you house were so good that she wants to come and see you even through she really doesn't know you. Megan knows Eli and I guess he sent the photos out on Facebook.

    We do all miss you. Have fun in the sun but don't get burned.