Saturday, October 2, 2010


because they could, they did
It's a boy! new resident at 1875 11th street
Silas Morrie Issac, 7lbs 11 oz, born on Sept 18
Team California wins the race on the Margaret river back from the Bushtucker tour,
but only because Eli and Melissa cooperated so well in paddling
Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse, which the kids agreed was one of the
most boring places we went, but the parent Perretts disagreed

Camera priorites for this trip: family (1) wildflowers (2) and birds (3)
Splendid fairy wren, near Smith's beach, WA

Those waves will be here any minute now

Lurking in the wildflowers

He would have preferred it if there hadn't been
a safety wire around the ladder

future refrigerator repair man

My three favorite people

walking in the canopy of the giant Karri trees...
we're over 100 feet in the air!

Reliving his time at sea oh so many years ago,
Tom takes the helm of a whaling ship....

Testosterone driven teenager

geez it's a long way down there

rock/tummy bonding

One of the 482 flower photos my camera forced me to to take


  1. Lovely blue fairy wren.

    Hard to say which of the Perrett men looking more fit these days!

    Thanks again for the donation - Mont. fundraiser was a successful night.


  2. The kids are fully blossoming in OZ- We will miss you at Club Shampoo tonight at the Arcata Playhouse.
    I'm taking the girls for an adventure in NYC, Philly and Boston in a couple of weeks. It will be good to get out of town.We are singing a choir version of John Lennon's Imagine-it's very pretty. Hard to believe it's October. Love and Blessings, Stephany