Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pieces and Bits

One never knows when a snake will slither up your driveway. We've seen a few before, but this one was a bit thrilling. After researching (with the laptop on top of the car) we were just a tiny bit disappointed to find out it was mere harmless spotted python and not a super venomous Death Adder. He (or she?)was as big around as a hot dog (bun included) and as long as our dining room table.

Wintering on the Sunshine Coast has been a most pleasant experience. We feel particularly gleeful to have missed one of the foggiest summers on record back  home. Arcatans have learned, however, to wait for those few days early or mid September when, for hours on end you haven't reached for a sweatshirt.  We are coming into spring here, which means the days are warming up. We had dropped into single digits (Celsius) but these days it is hovering in the mid-twenties( that's the low seventies for you Fahrenheit-ies)

Recently Mel and I had a little road trip down to Brizzy so she could take a dance exam. I didn't know there were such things until we moved here and she enrolled in a studio which follows the Royal Academy of Dance syllabus.  She completed her exam wearing the prescribed leotard etc including a particular hair ribbon (really??)  Now she waits 8 weeks for the results.  Meantime,  rehearsals begin for the studio's annual concert in late November. On the way home from Brisbane we detoured slightly to Wild Horse Mountain Lookout, and snapped this shot of the nearby glass house mountains, just before sunset.

Or Tony?
Will it be Julia?
Last Saturday's election resulted in no result. Neither party obtained the necessary 76 seats in the house needed in order to win government (meaning that  party's leader is P.M.) The Aussies have themselves a hung parliament, first time in 70 years.  And about that mandatory voting......the local paper reported that over 20% of eligible voters did not turn up. Apparently, when the $50.00 fine notice shows up in your letter box, a polite written excuse will get you out of paying.  I was recruited by my friend Julie (the local green party campaign manager) to hand out fliers on voting day, which was fun in a political way if that is possible.  No rules here about no campaigning 100 feet from a polling place.....I literally handed them to folks as they joined the queue.  I accompanied Julie into the cardboard voting booth and was aghast at the massive ballot, which about as long(horizontally) as that snake in our driveway.  It may be weeks before we know if it will be Julia or Tony, as both parties court the independents.

Tom-ism:  "Let's have a nice salad" and "I'll be there in a minute, I just need to take my (scrabble) move"  Recent accomplishment: getting past halfway in the 967 page tome he's reading, and bicycling up the beach (meaning tires in the sand) to Sunshine Beach, and back, about a 20 mile trip.  Favorite Aussie food (FAF): poached egg on toast with vegemite.

Stephanie-ism "Mute!" and "I'm going to yoga"  recent accomplishment: Not getting lost driving home from Mooloolaba (the most confusing signage ever) and taking a solo all day hike in the hinterland. FAF: essential grains fruit bread

Eli-ism: "You're not funny"  and "What's for dinner?"  Recent accomplishment: 93% on his last maths assignment, and without any nagging keeping his room strikingly clean most of the time.  FAF: creme filled lamingtons.

Melissa-ism: "How ya goin', lovey?" and "There's a spider in my room!"   Recent accomplishment: Spending most of the day Sunday finishing her physics project, and getting a facebook page (resulting in longer time to finish physics project)  FAF: lamb and beef kabob from the Lebanese deli.

Eli is now 15,and has thoroughly enjoyed his 48 hours of fame. When his birthday was done and dusted here, it had just started in California. How good is that.....


  1. Hi Steph! Nice to see your kids growing! And all the interesting little things in Aussie land. Happy September !

  2. Glad for the update, Stephanie!

    No baby yet, here. But my, am I close. Finally off of work, and headed to Tsunami mommies, where I'm convinced they have to re-fill the pool once all of us pregos get done splashing around. Cheers!

  3. Dear Stephanie: Still enjoying your updates and humor. Things here with the 15yr old challenging at times!!!! Ian started at 6 rivers this year and really likes it. Tyler off to New Zealand end of october! Kim

  4. Darn, I've tried twice now to comment, but it won't take!

    Anyway, I should be asleep, but I had to read this, and to tell you
    that you are FUNNY! I love these blogs, you make me laugh. You've got
    a great writing style, informative but light. Everyone sounds like
    they're doing really, really well!

    Love, and ZZZzzzzz,
    me (CA)