Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The joey at the jym part 2

Jilly the joey is now 9 months old and quite a regular at the gym.  Next week she is changing carers and will live about an hour from here with a mob of other rescued joeys.  For a year or so she'll live  in an enclosed large property, and then will be released to the wild. We'll miss her cute face! Yesterday she looked quite stylish trying on some lime green plastic crocs owned by a 4 year old.

We have been on two wheels a bit lately, as Tom scored a great bike for a great price a few weeks ago. We have ridden to the gym (5 miles) exactly once...and have lots of excuses for not doing it more.  Sunday, leaving our eldest at home, we pedaled on down  the lane a bit to a lunch spot. Melissa has a pretty clear condition for coming along: she's keen to ride if we are going to end up at someplace fun, preferably with food.

Spring is just around the corner (well a long corner, the whole month of August) and I have officially been forewarned of a seasonal  danger of biking  during September....Magpies!! It is breeding season and the males will swoop and attack people without warning. Reportedly they go for bike helmets, so some have taken to wearing very odd looking helmets with plastic spikes all over to keep their heads safe. I guess the pecks can really hurt.....

Ok so obviously I didn't take this picture but we did see one of these critters the other day. It's a blue tongued lizard and they are fairly common 'round these parts. Kinda like a fat snake with legs, they are about as long as my laptop. Lovely color of blue, isn't it? They are not poisonous but creatures resembling snakes do make a person jump a bit.

I can't wait to see what's going to bloom during spring, as the winter flowers around here are spectacular. These are the best and brightest from around the 'hood. A trumpet creeper, a poinsettia (huge!) a wattle tree (what we call a mimosa) and a queensland icon, the banksia.

The moth larvae in the pot outside have multiplied, sometimes we see as many as five of them crawling around on top of the dirt. A friend saw them recently and tells me they are not actually witchety grubs, but  some other kind of larvae. Whatever moth or butterfly that will  emerge from these is going to be an insect to be reckoned with. These guys are as big as a travel size bottle of shampoo.

Right here I intended to post more pictures but blogger had other ideas. So till next time, thanks for staying tuned and as always, I love hearing from you. My inbox is always open!!


  1. Steph,

    I haven't been very good at writing back. You have been the perfect
    traveler as I feel like I've been to Australia just reading your blogs.
    It's been facinating!

  2. We have loved reading your blogs! Sounds like you are all having a grand time traveling and exploring your new home.

  3. know, I read your blogs and I'm always sorry when they end. They are delightful