Monday, May 10, 2010

A quiz

Ah, Autumn is in the air. I haven't heard anyone call it fall maybe because there are no leaves falling, we're not in deciduous country here. The days are getting shorter and the nights cooler, might have to break out a sweater soon.

For a change of pace, I have written a little quiz. See how you go....

1. We are considering sending the kids up the road a bit to a different school for the second half of the year because
a. Since we live in the Sunshine state of Queensland and on the Sunshine coast, it seems a shame to not also have them attend Sunshine Beach High School.
b. The uniforms are snappier and we want them to ride the bus for another 30 min a day
c. It will help Eli with his goal to have 500 facebook friends by the time we leave, plus all the girls at Coolum High are now bored with his accent.
d.If we don't get a little more academic rigor going on we are afraid they will forget what homework is.

2. For a while we were considering sending Melissa to a private school but we aren't going to because:
a. She couldn't abide by the long plaid skirt, dark stockings, tie, grandma shoes, and brimmed hats
b. Eli cried and whined so much about not going to the same school as his sister, we couldn't bear his discomfort
c. I forgot to read the fine print and the reason they agreed to take her was not an altruistic desire of the school to diversify the student body but because of the exorbitant fees for international students

3. The best part of our deep sea fishing adventure last weekend was:
a. I caught the first fish, and I wasn't the only one to lose my bikkies
b. Apparently the pair of Perretts hooked a pair of parrots (fish)
c. We caught enough fish to bring the price per pound to below 10 bucks

4. While Joan and Steve were here, we saw the following animals, not pay per view:
a.   goanna, ring tail possum,  swamp wallaby, fruit bat,and koalas
b. Kangaroos, fruit bats,dingoes and cane toads
c. Echidnas, lorikeets, pelicans, and kukkaburras
d. We saw no animals, we watched T.V. all week

5. The Kingaroy Eisteddfod is
a. Thankfully not an occasion that required false eyelashes for Mel as was seen on some 6 year olds
b. Perhaps the only time a dance studio uses a chain link fence for warm ups
c. A dance competition which allowed me the opportunity to drive 6 hours for Melissa to be on stage for 2 min 45 seconds

6.This is Joan and Steve's Hippie Camper. They love it because
1. Secretly they have yearned for the opportunity to drive a colorful vehicle
2. They were relived to find out the configuration of 6 separate bolsters in the back which make up the bed actually are comfortable for sleeping
3. Everyone else who has one of these things is 25 years younger than they are,so their image is preserved

7. Joan and I went to Brisbane for the day on the train. One of the best things about it was
a. finding a place to rest so Joan could soak her aching feet in the water after traipsing about the modern art museum and the botanical gardens
b. eating in not one but two food courts.
c. watching the traffic cross the street as a mob; the cars stopped in all four directions and the entire intersection filled with humans for one minute. This was so entertaining we watched it three times.
d. getting home early enough to get in on the barbecue Steve and Tom had made for the poker

8. We had a great trip to Fraser Island but the reason I'm not writing about it this time is:
a. My camera pooped out half way through so we have to wait for Joan and Steve to swing back through to get the pictures off their camera
b. I haven't finished getting the sand out of my hair yet
c. the kids made me promise not to tell anyone how much fun it was

Tune in next week for stories of Joan and Steve's adventures in the Whitsundays, answers to the quiz, and other undisclosed rantings.........


  1. you are getting so good at this Blog thing Steph you should start a column for the T S ! Terrific appeal and continuous laughing at your cleverness! Sounds like you will have memories for the rest of your life! Keep up the great work! Ging

  2. Fiji-what great fun. I love your blog, so full of info. and it sounds like a wonderful life. It finally stopped raining, hurray. Sun out at noon today but clouds coming in at 2p. Board standing, another sport and your silhouette looked mighty trim. alex