Thursday, April 8, 2010

A ......... of Kangaroos

So what is a group of kangaroos called? See below for answer. This sighting was on Wilderness road in Lovedale in the Hunter Valley in New South Wales. They stared at us for several minutes and as we encroached on them they bounded away. We spotted another collection of them the next day also. We've petted them a few times now in enclosed areas but my parents and niece needed to see them in the wild, a requirement for any visitor to oz.

A fabulous time was had by all on our holiday, though the kids would interject that not enough hours were spent in the water. We ran out of time, We had a lot on the list: A sunset cruise on the Noosa river where we saw hundreds of bats out for nighttime feeding. The "flat" hike to Kondalilla Falls which concluded with a 90 min wait in the parking lot as we were unable to move our car until the owners of the car behind us finally returned from their walk (luckily they were not camping) We took in the Mooloolaba beach and pier and the famous Australia zoo complete with a song and dance number by Bindi, Steve Irwin's daughter who is well on her way to fame. On to the Hunter Valley for some touring,wine tasting,and aqua golf (thank you Eli for winning that bottle of wine and meat pie!) The girls colored some eggs, and Eli got in on the action when it became apparent there were chocolate ones hidden as well. Here he is tossing Mel in the pool as McKenzie looks on, grateful it wasn't her, as the water was NOT warm.

We could have spent a week in Sydney but had just a few days. These are a few of the reasons is why it's one of the great cities of the world 1)the ferries 2)fascinating museums and art galleries 3)the opera house, and how enjoying the sheer beauty of this amazing edifice has nothing to do with opera 4)not one but two city explorer buses 5)a multicultural populace, in stark contrast to Coolum and Arcata 6)great swaths of parkland and enormous trees with a backdrop of skyscrapers 7)street performers, including a guy doing the foxtrot with a life sized doll 8)looking up often and not caring if we were tagged as tourists 9)Bondi Beach and Lebanese food 10) going out in the morning for an urban stroll to Circular Quay and Rocks (the first convict settlement) whilst my family slept 11)Cheering on the international competitors in the Sydney Triathlon Sunday morning 12)the Harbour bridge 13)4.5 million Australians, one fifth of the nation.

And the name of a collection of kangaroos is........a mob or a troop. I like troop better, don't you? And this from my mom: if you ever find yourself in the company of several giraffes, they are called a tower. It's true. Look it up!


  1. Stephanie,
    I'm really enjoying your blogs, and especially your writing! Have you thought of a second career? Keep it up! :-)

  2. Hi Steph, Thanks for writing more. I too really enjoy the travel log/blog. Say hi to everyone.