Monday, February 1, 2010


How ya going? This is used the way we say "how's it going" except the how does not rhyme with cow it is "ha" like the first part of hat. The first part of "going" is pronounced like it rhymes with cow. Got that? We are keeping a list of uniquely Australian terms, like slip, slap, slop which means don't spare the sunblock.A wanker is a jerk. Another one is halfer for half an hour, and Eli's contribution to the list is root which means sex. This reportedly results in heaps of snickers in math class.

Our schoolies are settling in, both of them said on the first day they were asked if they had been to Disneyland, and did they know any famous people. Melissa also said the kids want her to say words like "orange" because she sounds so funny. Everyone also asked them what part of California they were from, which I think is an interesting observation of the larger understanding of geography of these kids. I doubt very many Californian kids would ask an Australian what part of Australia they were from!

California has been drenched in winter rains and we have recently been blanketed by summer rains. A storm hit on Friday night and it was spectacular! Thunder, lightning, howling wind, and then buckets of rain poured for about 30 minutes. This little movie clip is the rain pouring over our front deck.( the quality of the movie may be less than great, sorry!) It's still warm and humid, but the rain has cooled things off a bit. I've noticed many restaurants have very large permanent awnings over the tables for shelter from the breezy rains.

On one of our early morning walks we saw a couple of 'roos quite close to the road, happily munching on the grass. They are like deer, sort of around a lot and but I don't think they eat roses. I haven't even seen any roses maybe the kangaroos do eat them..... We have large pandanus tree in our yard, it has leaves like an aloe vera plant and a large fruit that is as big as a pineapple but it isn't edible. On the back deck are several large pots of herbs we have been raiding to enliven our dinners. We have heaps of bougainvilleas and hibiscus but the air does not smell like flowers the way it does in Hawaii. I don't miss the smell of redwood trees yet, but give me time...

We have a pool table downstairs and Eli has been challenging Tom to a game most nights. The other day I said the loser had to vacuum so Eli got a chance to try out our central vac which is a pretty cool invention. Melissa is of course not one to be left out of anything so she is learning to play as well. She is a bit of an unconventional player, and short for a pool player, so she figured out a way to get the best shot. I have a feeling this would not be acceptable in tounament play.

We have our phone/internet sorted out finally I think. Today I had to resort to paying somebody to remote in on my computer and reload my drivers (whatever that means) so that the DSL would work on my laptop too. It was rather eerie to have the mouse being moved by somebody on another continent. I learned that when you pay for a technician from India they don't feel the need to take an american name. hmmm.Interesting.

Thanks everybody for reading my blog....I'm having a great time writing and love all your commments! Guest posts coming soon from fellow queenslanders......


  1. Hannah says Hi to Mel... Then of course there is lots of "its raining its pouring, the Aussies are snoring." Kids haven't seen rain in months... kinda miss it. So much better than snow.

  2. I remember "iking" in the foothills of Scotland with my Australian friend! So fun to hear all the Aussie-isms! I love that we are getting these glimpses...the immediacy of the communication makes me feel like I'm there. So much more so than time-delayed snail mail. Very cool!

    Also, just got your email and your oh-so-kind and heartwarming card! I'll send you an email soon. Both kids home sick today. Oh my. XO, CA

  3. Hi, Perretts! Susan sent me this link, and I'm really enjoying reading about your adjustment to your new home, culture, etc. It brings back memories of our time in Sri Lanka, even down to the school uniform (yours are way cooler). Glad to hear that this grand experiment is going so well!

    Goo' Day!

    Amy Uyeki

  4. This is terrific! Thanks for doing this! No Mel, you can't kneel on the pool table!!!
    so what about the 'roos' that get mad and kick people? Are they dangerous or just when they get riled up? Are you warned not to get too close? Do they have a 'rutting' season like elk? And when can you see a baby in the pouch? Time for some roo lessons for this NCcoastal resident.

  5. I love your blog. so cool. I am still trying to get on as a follower. I'll some day figure it out. i officially started the business today and it was busy. so much to do yet. I need to get trash can, door mat, reciet book, coat hanger, something to put shoes in. the list goes on. I'm soooo excited. have you found any Pilates yet? what has Tom been doing to keep busy. What an experience for the kids. I love hearing about it. I hope you don't get to busy to fall behing on your blog. I got to play with my grandson for 20 minutes on the web cam. very cool stuff. see you in cyber space love Sharon

  6. "It sounds like a great adventure. I really like your blogs, great way to stay in touch."

  7. Hey Stephanie,
    Let me just say that I miss you...and that I have SO enjoyed your blogs. They are wonderful and I hope they keep coming. I look forward to them. I got a kick out of the picture of Melissa on the pool table.

    I got this most wonderful letter from you the other day! I was so you ever found time to write each of your friends in the run up to leaving...YOU are the most wonderful one. Thank you. Page happened to be with me while I was reading it. I was happy and proud for her to know I have a friend that values me and our friendship...we had a nice exchange about it. All around, getting your note was a very lovely experience.

    Well, so far so good I'd say, judging from your blogs. Fantastic. I was glad to hear the school is working out. Amy told me Rees told her (after talking to Tom) that the kids are making friends. Excellent....she also said Tom was going to skype at their bookclub. Amazing. When Carol Ann said we are going to skype with you at her party I was really excited...I'm looking forward to it!

  8. Hi, i love the blog, thank you, I can use some of the tidbits as radio questions...(remember khsu does stream, you can hear it on your computer....) love gregg (plasters, bandaids for example...)